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MTI: A Collaboration between Caltech and The Huntington Library

The program in Materialities, Texts and Images (MTI) is a collaboration between Caltech and The Huntington Library.

MTI is a research program that investigates the roles of a wide range of material things—books, artwork, scientific instruments, as well as natural resources such as rocks and plants—in human culture. The scope of MTI is intentionally broad. It is not limited to a specific scholarly discipline or period of study. Most importantly, MTI considers a huge range of forms and genres of things, from twentieth century novels to seventeenth century scientific experiments. 

MTI brings together scholars, curators, and staff at Caltech and The Huntington, who together represent a unique mix of expertise and interests in the relationships between materiality and culture. Among these people are the two MTI Fellows, who arrange regular work-in-progress seminars at both Caltech and The Huntington, along with international workshops and conferences. Learn more about our events here.